china sales Two Way Elevator Governor Tension Pulley manufacturers

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Two Way CZPT vator CZPT ernor Rigidity Pulley (SN-SG-OX240F)

The merchandise down with forceps for protection safety equipment linkage handle motion,the row can be connected to the synchronous motor brake and magnetic upward
protection system is employed, with two-way detection elevator velocity, two-way signal output operate, check steps and reset must be handbook operation.
Can meet up with the use of traditional have equipment room passenger elevator.

Base Plate:This pace limiter standard G01 with base, also can decide on foundation G02,
when choosing G02 want to reveal the variety, see webpage mounting base for the concrete parameters

Rated velocity: ≤0.63 m/s     1.0m/s     1.5-1.6m/s     1.75m/s     2.0m/s     2.5m/s
Rope wheel diameter: Ф240 mm
Pace limit wire rope: StandardФ8mm,Fittings Selection Ф6mm

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Set or Class 1 pulleys have a set shaft. That is, the shaft is “fastened” or anchored in place. A fixed pulley is a force used to modify the path of the rope (known as a belt since it makes one flip). Mounted pulleys have mechanical rewards of fastened pulleys. Energetic pulleys or 2-stage pulleys have totally free shafts. That is, the axis can transfer “freely” in area. Moving pulleys are utilised to convert forces. Lively pulleys have the mechanical edge of two pulleys. That is, if one particular conclude of the rope is stationary, pulling the other stop of the rope will exert two times the drive on the item attached to the pulley. A composite pulley block is a combination of a set pulley block and a movable pulley block. Blocks – Blocks are composite pulleys where several pulleys are mounted on each axle, further including to the mechanical advantage. Pulleys can adjust the course of the pressure.
china sales Two Way Elevator Governor Tension Pulley manufacturers

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