china price Timing Belt Pulley Aluminum Bar Stock 8mm Htd, (14 Tooth through 40 Tooth) manufacturers

Product Description

CZPT Timing belt pulley bar inventory gives the conclude user the ability to construct their own pulleys.  Especially for those who require CZPT , expense-powerful prototypes. 
Our bar stock is CZPT in Metric and Inch dimensions:
·         HTD3M, 5M, 8M
·         MXL,XL,L
·         T2.5, T5, T10 AT5, AT10
·         Much more pitches on demand from customers.
The most generally utilized content:
C45E and CZPT


Approach Equipment Precision Degree Machining assortment
Blank Creating Resin bonded sand production lineVertical parting flaskless molding line,146 opening manufacturing lineElectric furnace CZPT cupola Guillotine shear,Punching equipment Forge rolling machine CZPT die forging device precision solid precision forging precision molding All kinds of casting and forging areas
Heat Treatment method Vertical furnace Speckled furnaceHigh frequency quenching furnace Content hardness transformation≤HRC1 Hardening and Tempering Quenching CZPT frequency quenching Carburizing and quenching
Machining Precise NC equipment Dimesion tolerance 6 diploma Roughness Ra0.8 Roundness,straightness and concentricity accuracy≤0.01mm interior hole≥5mm, exterior diameter ≤800mm
Grinding machining NC excircle grinding equipment Area grinding machine Dimesion precision 5 degree Roughness Ra0.four Outdoors diameter 3mm to 320mm
Teeth-profile Creating NC equipment hobbing maching gear slotting device Roughness Ra1.6 Concentricity .05 Greatest module M=10, OD≤1800mm
Hobbing and drilling CNC machinedrilling machineNC milling machine Gap dimesion tolerance 6 degree positioning accuracy .05 Workbench leghth 1650mm width 852mm minimal diameter 1mm
Other Machining Hydraulic broaching machine sawing device punching device lather labeling machine keyway tolerance 7 degree symmetry degree .05 spline straight keyway spline keyway
Surface area Treatment method sharpening machine plating generation line spray-portray linecoating lineoxidizing line phosphating line In accordance with CZPT pean normal RoHS. Surface area polishing Cr6+cost-free zinc plating,Nickle tough chromium Ornamental chrome platingNicklePaiting phosphating AnodizingblackeningDacrotized

We have a vast 1/2″ rope capacity pulley for valuable redirection, mild rigging, rescue, and mechanical benefit techniques. We have more pulleys in the subsequent back links a lot of of them also make as very good as the ones underneath Little pulley.
china price Timing Belt Pulley Aluminum Bar Stock 8mm Htd, (14 Tooth through 40 Tooth) manufacturers

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