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Product Description

Aluminum / copper Synchronous pulley / wheel

one. Description

No. Merchandise Description
one Name Synchronous Wheel
two Size Items can be CZPT ized.
3 Materials Major Solid Iron and Aluminium.etc
four Manufacturing Process The principal process is machining middle.
5 Heat Treatment Deciding on heat treatment in accordance to the various components.
6 Tests Tools Rockwell hardness tester 500RA, Double mesh instrument Hd-200B & 3102,Gear measurement center instrument CNC3906T and other CZPT precision detection equipments
7 Certification GB/T19001-2016/ISO9001:2015
eight Use Utilized in printing machine, cleaning device, healthcare equipment, garden device, design device, electric powered auto, valve, forklift, transportation equipment and CZPT equipment reducers.and so on
9 Bundle In accordance to CZPT er’s ask for


two. Photos  


three.Get procedure

a. CZPT er sends us the drawing or sample, If only sample, CZPT company source the CAD drawing.

b. Our company supplies the processing strategy and quotation.

c. Our business provides the sample following CZPT er verified processing strategy and quotation.

d. CZPT er places the get following verify the sample.

e. CZPT er pay out fifty% deposit

f. CZPT tity generation.

g. Shell out the stability following the acceptance and affirmation.

h. Delivery.

Set pulleys are pulleys that maintain the drum at a single point. Although the force needed to raise or go an object is no various than lifting it with your arms, stationary pulleys let you to modify the route of the required drive. For illustration, when connected to a bucket that attracts drinking water from a well, a stationary drinking water puller allows you to pull the h2o sideways, lifting the bucket in a a lot more handy way than pulling it vertically, 1 hand at a time. The excess weight of the bucket is nevertheless the very same, but it is simpler to carry.
china near me shop Aluminum / Copper Synchronous Pulley / Wheel manufacturers

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