china factory Rubber Timing Belt Toothed Belt 14m Double Teeth manufacturers

Item Description

Rubber Toothed Belt 14M Double teeth

The double-sided pitch synchronous belt and tooth profile equivalent to a one tooth and tooth belt pitch.
Double enamel with tooth by the synchronous belt arrangement expectations can be divided into two types DA-duplex synchronous belt tooth, a tooth with its two symmetrical arrangement,DB-duplex synchronous belt gear, with its two areas with staggered enamel were.

Product: 14M double teeth 

  • Pitch:14mm
  • Twine:High quality fibre
  • Max manufacturing width:200mm

Belt making use of Japan imported higher good quality synthetic neoprene,and match into a lot of distinct uses of rubber supplies Skeleton supplies imported from Japan for large high quality glass fiber cord Tooth surface with nylon sixty six high extend do safety.

The product’s pitch and tooth profile is synonymous with solitary tooth synchronous belt

The merchandise are mainly utilized for double drive, synchronous and double efficiency traits.

In the needs with a band transmission and in opposite directions, Installation place call for specific compact, or in the principal travel and auxiliary transmission linkage and other transmission demanding field, reflects its excellence

Items to structure and no slip meshing transmission attributes this kind of as low sounds by the mechanical textile precision instruments petroleum chemical interaction cable market recognition and knowing to a broad assortment of applications.

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china factory Rubber Timing Belt Toothed Belt 14m Double Teeth manufacturers

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