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Item Description

QTVF Series Permanent CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT for Ball Mill” has a rated voltage of 380/6000 / 10000V, and is ideal for the cement, ceramics, metallurgy and other industries. Relying on the application, the ball mill can be pushed straight. Compared with the traditional program, the reducer and hydraulic coupling are eliminated. Compared with traditional methods, it has the attributes of high efficiency, energy preserving, minimal noise, routine maintenance-cost-free, massive starting torque and steady operation. In addition, this solution has also been extensively utilised in ports, oil fields, mining equipment, textiles and other fields, and has gained unanimous praise from CZPT ers.


1. CZPT effectiveness and strength preserving, the efficiency of the motor reaches the very first-stage strength use (IE4) regular, and the CZPT conserving price is earlier mentioned 20%.

2. Big commencing torque, employing vector management engineering, no affect on the CZPT grid and ball mill during commencing.

3. The method can recognize variable frequency velocity regulation to make the ball mill run underneath the best circumstances.

four. The intermediate hyperlinks this kind of as the reducer and the mechanical soft-lifting system have been eradicated, and the real upkeep-free of charge procedure has been accomplished.

5. Reduced volume and simple installation.

Specification and Product

Use surroundings and other motor parameters
Enclosure score

I P55

cooling strategy

IC46W (water-cooled)

Work system

Steady operating program (S1)

Insulation substance temperature rating


Use ambient temperature

-20 ºC ~ forty five ºC

“QTVF Series Everlasting CZPT Synchronous Frequency Conversion CZPT ” Choice Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis.:
Because the permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF series mills is a immediate-travel AC motor, no reduction gear (such as a reducer) is essential when driving load gear. Therefore, this technique of motor variety is dependent on the CZPT of regular asynchronous motors. Varieties are different. The permanent magnet synchronous frequency conversion motor for QTVF series mills must be picked in accordance to the rated torque.
Specific measures are as follows:
★ Determine the velocity regulation selection: the highest velocity of the motor ≥ the greatest speed needed by the load tools (the mill is primarily based on the equipment ratio of the large and tiny ring gears, or the ratio of the diameter of the pulley, the speed of the drum, etc.). This product can alter the motor pace in accordance to user needs to accomplish the most excellent use effect.
★ Determine the CZPT of the load products. The newly put in gear can be selected in accordance to the CZPT needed by the manufacturing unit style. The highest running CZPT of the motor ≥ the CZPT needed by the load tools.
★ Figure out the driving torque needed by the load gear estimate the driving torque needed by the load gear primarily based on the CZPT and pace of the load products.
★ In accordance to the theory that the rated torque of the motor ≥ the driving torque essential by the load tools, decide on the most suited rated torque from the sequence of motors.
★ Figure out the CZPT offer voltage (380V, 660, 6000V or 10000V). If the voltage in the area of use is special, you should describe it in time and converse with CZPT firm’s complex office.
★ Decide the motor product according to the selected efficiency parameters.
★ Establish regardless of whether the selected motor is practical to put in in accordance to the overall proportions of the motor in the parameter table.
★ If the installation is hassle-free, the motor model has been established and the product selection is full.
★ In addition, CZPT firm can style and manufacture long term magnet synchronous motors with voltage ranges of 380V-10000V and CZPT levels of 30kW-4000kW according to CZPT er needs.
Requirements and basic parameters of QTVF series mills for long term magnet synchronous inverter motors




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china factory Permanent Magnet Synchronous Frequency Conversion Motor for Ball Mill Instead of Asychronous Motor manufacturers

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