china Cost Stc Three Phase a. C Synchronous Electric Generator with Pulley manufacturers

Product Description

ST&solSTC A few stage A&time period C CZPT ctric Synchronous generator

1&period of time 100&percnt Copper wire &sol50&percnt copper &fifty&percnt aluminum &sol100&percnt aluminum
2&period CZPT provider provided
3&period of time Aggressive cost&comma good qua

&lpar1&rparSTC generators diesel are to be employed in city&comma the countryside&comma function web sites&comma mountains and pasture lands as a electric powered CZPT supply for lights function&period of time It can also be used as a reserved CZPT resource for emergent scenario&period of time

&lpar2&rparThe turbines are of drip-evidence with rotary field variety and harmonic excitation program&comma making use of the star link with CZPT position&period of time

&lpar3&rparThe rated line voltage is 400V&semi Phase voltage is 230V&semi Frequency is 50Hz&semi CZPT element is &period8&lparlag&rpar&interval We can give the generator with 60Hz and the other voltage in accordance to request&period of time

&lpar4&rparThey can be coupled with a prime mover straight or via V-belt&comma rotating correct or reverse constantly at the rated speed&interval

&lpar5&rparOperating Circumstances
Cooling air temperature&colon -15oC~40oC
Earlier mentioned sea level&colon Not exceed 1000m
Relative air damping&colon Not exceed ninety&percnt

Specialized Data&colon

Model Output   CZPT &lparKW&rpar Current&lparA&rpar Voltage&lparV&rpar Power issue Pole number Speed &lparr&solmin&rpar Steady Volt Regulation  &lpar&percnt&rpar
Sequence relationship Parallel relationship Collection connection Parallel link
ST-two two 8&period7 seventeen&period4 230 115 1&period0 4 1500 &pm5
ST-three three thirteen 26
ST-5 5 21&period8 43&period5
ST-7&period5 7&period5 32&period6 65&period2
ST-ten 10 43&period7 87
ST-12 twelve fifty two&period2 104&period4
ST-15 fifteen sixty five&period2 a hundred thirty&period4
ST-twenty 20 87 174
ST-24 24 87 174


Model Output CZPT &lparKW&rpar Rated potential&lparKVA&rpar Rated current&lparA&rpar Pole amount Speed &lparr&solmin&rpar
STC-three 3 three&period8 five&period4 four 1500
STC-five 5 six&period3 nine
STC-7&period5 7&period5 9&period4 thirteen&period5
STC-ten 10 12&period5 18&period1
STC-twelve twelve fifteen 21&period7
STC-fifteen fifteen 18&period8 27&period1
STC-twenty 20 twenty five 36&period1
STC-24 24 30 forty three&period3
STC-30 thirty 37&period5 54&period1
STC-forty 40 50 72&period2
STC-fifty 50 62&period5 ninety&period2
STC-64 64 80 one hundred fifteen&period4
STC-75 75 ninety three&period7 a hundred thirty five&period3

Movable Pulley: A pulley that rotates and interprets according to the motion of the pulley or belt. This is usually used in blocking and deal with techniques, which I will explain afterwards.
china Cost Stc Three Phase a. C Synchronous Electric Generator with Pulley manufacturers

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