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Merchandise Description

Flex PU Synchronous belt T5

Introduction of timing belts

Product Description

Top quality and Services CZPT Driving Drive!

Polyurethane timing belts for mechanical drives and conveying purposes. TimingBelts supply a basic, useful approch to remedy your technical difficulties for driving systens and conveying of products. The timing Belts within CZPT product selection are produced from CZPT urethane. The carcass development in the CZPT urethane belt isbased on Kevlar or Steel cords. The design assures a substantial dynamic functionality with low overall performance losses.

Merchandise Functions

Manufacturing Method

Getreu polyurethane timing belts

GETREU TIMING BELTS consist of 2 elements, the dress in-resistant Contilan, a polyurethane and a substantial high quality metal cord pressure member. The substantial CZPT transmission ability final results from the good booding of both supplies. The moulding creation procedure-cast extrusion- combines the pursuing positive aspects. •The solid PU timing belt is an precise duplicate of its mould patten. CZPT pitch precision across the complete belt is reached. As a consequence, especially suited for conformal, easy operating and for substantial speeds.


•Small duration tolerance. Tolerance placement canbe influenced by changing the winding tension, •Good bonding to the metal twine rigidity users due to the casting approach and the capillary action. •High reproduction top quality of the cast polyurethane. Specific development of good contours achievable. Particularly suitable for tiny pitches. DL tooth meshing and CZPT cam on the again of the belt can be fashioned. •The timing belt coil taken out from the mould has a whole useable width depending on the moulld of up to 400 mm.


GETREU POLYURETHANE TIMING BELTS are used in all locations of technologies in which synchronous transmission of a rotary movement is needed. Thereby, it is impartial of no matter whether this is a CZPT transmission, servo manage features or switching and conveying tasks. They function in a speed selection up to 20.000PRM. Mainly utilised software areas: •office machines •IT systems •textile equipment •wood processing devices •machine instruments •printing devices •pumps •compressors •construction machinery


Merchandise Versions

Normal T profile with metric division and trapezoidal tooth. Patterns avaialable for shipping: -toothed on 1 facet(common) -with aramid reinforcement fibres(rigidity help) -specific polyurethane content on requst, antistatic, coloured, mechanically taken care of

R.p.m. n[min-1] Mspec [Ncm/cm] Pspec [W/cm] R.p.m. n[min-1] Mspec [Ncm/cm] Pspec [W/cm] R.p.m. n[min-1] Mspec [Ncm/cm] Pspec [W/cm]  
20 1.861 .039 1300 one.198 one.632 3800 .922 three.sixty seven  
40 1.819 .076 1400 one.18 1.73 4000 .909 3.eighty one  
60 1.783 .112 1500 one.162 1.826 4500 .878 four.fourteen  
eighty 1.751 .147 1600 1.146 1.ninety two 5000 .85 4.forty five  
one hundred 1.723 .eighteen 1700 one.131 2.01 5500 .825 four.seventy five  
200 one.614 .338 1800 one.116 6000 .802 5.04  
300 1.536 .483 1900 one.102 two.19 6500 .78 five.31  
400 1.476 .618 200 one.089 2.28 7000 .761 five.58  
500 1.427 .747 2200 1.065 2.forty five 7500 .742 5.83  
600 1.385 .87 2400 1.042 two.sixty two 8000 .725 six.08  
700 one.349 .989 2600 one.571 two.78 8500 .709 6.31  
800 1.318 one.104 2800 one.002 2.94 9000 .694 6.fifty four  
900 one.298 1.215 3000 .984 three.09 9500 .679 6.seventy six  
1000 one.263 one.323 3200 .967 three.24 10000 .666 6.97  
1100 one.24 one.428 3400 .951 3.39        


Number of enamel Duration(mm)   Number of teeth Duration(mm)   Amount of enamel Size(mm)
twenty a hundred   seventy eight 390   one hundred forty 700
30 a hundred and fifty   eighty 400   one hundred forty four 720
33 a hundred sixty five   eighty two 410   one hundred forty five 725
36 180   84 420   a hundred and fifty 750
37 185   91 455   153 765
40 200   92 460   156 780
forty two 210   96 480   one hundred sixty 800
43 215   a hundred five hundred   163 815
44 220   one hundred and one 505   168 840
forty five 225   102 510   a hundred and eighty 900
forty nine 245   105 525   184 920
50 250   109 545   188 940
fifty one 255   one hundred ten 550   198 990
fifty two 260   112 560   215 1075
54 270   a hundred and fifteen 575   220 1100
fifty six 280   118 590   232 1160
59 295   122 610   243 1215
61 305   124 620   263 1315
66 330   126 630   276 1380
68 340   a hundred thirty 650   three hundred 1500
71 355   132 660      
seventy three 365   138 690      
•Width Tolerance:±0.5[mm]        
•Thickness Tolerance:±0.2[mm]        

The installation and upkeep of belt
1.Switch off the CZPT ,remove the protective cap.loosen the assembly,move the motor to make the belt unfastened,you can take off the belt wrenching it up.
two.Take off the aged belt,and then examine if there is any abnormalwear and tear.Extreme wear and tear could indicate there are some problems with the design and style or upkeep of the gearing.
3.Pick the suitable belt.
4.Clear the belt and the pulley employing a cloth with some liquid which are unable to volatilize simply.It is not appropriate to soak it in the cleaning formulation or brush it with cleansing formulation or use the sand paper or sharp subject matter to scratch.The belt should be retained in dry problem.
5.Check the pulley if there is any irregular wear and tear or crack,if the put on and tear is too much,the pulley must be altered. 6.Examine the pulley to see ifit is in symmetrical straight line,which is very critical for the functionality of the transmission,particularly for the timing belt gearing.
7.Check out the rest elements of the gearing,for example,the symmetry of the bearing and the bearing boot,longevity and lubrication,and so on. eight.When nstaling a new belt on the pully,it is forbidden to wrench or use as well significantly force.
9.Ajdust and tighten the central distance of the gearing,right up until the stress is correct measured by the pressure gauge.Use hand to rotate the driving pulley for many rounds and measures the stress once again.
ten.Tighten the assembly bolt of the motor,correct the torque,due to the fact nay alter of the central length properly trigger the negative residence of the belt.Make sure all the gearings are tightened.
eleven.Switch the gearing on and notice the home of the belt if there is any unuaual vibration,pay attention meticulously to see if there are any unusual noises.You’d far better flip off the device,then check out the problem of bearing and motor,if the temperature is really substantial,may possibly be since the belt is way too limited or bearing is not symmetrical,or the lubrication is not proper.

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china Cheap T5-630 PU Timing Belt Steel Cords Power Transmission Belt Synchronous Belt manufacturers

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